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Public Domain Combo Package

Click Here to see the details of this Public Domain Package. Includes David Vallieres Public Domain Reports along with 4 other Special Public Domain Reports. Resale Rights Available!

Windows SP2 E-Book Fix

If you installed the windows sp2 upgrade then your old .exe ebooks are probably not working. Download this fix and you should be good to go! You'll have to register it.

Profit with Ghost Writers

Jimmy D Brown's guide to profiting with ghost writers. Brand New. Must Read. In pdf format , this is a Free Download, Get it Now

David Vallieres Public Domain Reports

David is a man I admire for his wealth of information and diversity of knowledge. The field of Public Domain can be very profitable if approached correctly. First you need to know the limitations, what falls within the Public Domain. This series will provide guidelines to help you explore this fascinating field. In case you're not familiar with Public Domain, this course will give you a firm foundation on which to build a profitable business.

Online Business Basics

Video series by Jimmy D Brown showing how to get your webpage and product on line and set up a credit card collection ability. These are the video's that got me started. They will give you confidence you need to get started. Highly recommended!

Think Niche and Grow Rich

This is one of the most content rich free books I've seen. Joe Garris is one of those guys who is flying under the radar. He's not really well known, however, he is very successful in developing profitable niche markets. He has developed and is sharing some new software that helps to determine the profitabilit of any market before you enter it. A definite read!

101 Diet Tips

Fast food, poor eating habits, TV, and a variety of factors have led to overweight. Let me show you how lose weight using common sense. 101 tips I guarantee, if you follow them, will help you to lose a quick 10 pounds. Continue to follow these tips and you'll be looking great! Buy it Now!

CGI Installation Videos

The first of its kind. Yes, you will be installing cgi scripts. In just a few hours following my step-by-step online video tutorials, you will be able to install your own CGI scripts without having to hire a programmer"


Natural Sleep Remedies-Sleep Naturally

If you have sleep problems you want this book! I personally suffer from being unable to sleep. The solutions I discuss work. There's nothing worse than tossing and turning all night and suffering from insomnia. The next worse thing is to not do anything about it. With this book you have about 80 pages of solutions that will work if you give them a chance. Try it out, risk free!

Internet Marketing Basics Videos

In "Internet Marketing Basics Videos" you get a total of over four hours of exclusive coaching videos ... starting with the basics like registering a domian name, and going all the way through to tracking your Return Rate of Investment (R.O.I), branding your ebooks... and much more.


Sinfully Delicious Cheesecake Recipes

A collection of over 90 of the best cheesecake recipes imaginable.

Free Videos

Affiliate Defender Video
Why & how you should control your affiliate links.

Contact Form Generation
The why's and how's behind generating website contact forms.
Part 1
Part 2

I will redo these videos since there was a mistake in their size, they are still viewable but will take a long time if on dial-up

Check it out now!

Jim Edwards presents a new method of collecting information to put together effective and market desired ebooks and products

Christmas Recipes

Huge Collection of Christmas Recipe's guaranteed to make your Holidays Festive


Guaranteed Success Thinking

You are who you are right now… and you are where you are right now… because of the total sum of the thoughts you’ve had to this point in your life.

Create Best-Sellers Online

A classic by Jimmy D Brown. If you are interested in creating ebooks to sell online, then you need to read this book!


Create Viral PDF e-Books

Much more to come on creating pdf documents. I think pdf's are "the" way to go in creating ebooks. For an excellent FREE guide on creating viral pdf ebooks and guides.

Christmas Fun
Activity Book for Kids

Christmas is more than a day, it's a season, and nothing makes the season brighter then the look of joy and anticipation on a childs face as they wait for that magical day of the year. Add some more magic to the season with the Christmas Fun Activity Book. Your children will feel more a part of the season and will enjoy the chance to be creative


Create Best-Sellers Online

A classic by Jimmy D Brown. If you are interested in creating ebooks to sell online, then you need to read this book!

The Ultimate Christmas
Craft Collection

Do you have special people on your Christmas list that are hard to buy for? Are you still wondering what you can give your friends and family who seem to have everything? Are you worried about the amount of credit card debt you'll work the entire next year to pay off?


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Ultimate Christmas Collection

4 ebook collection of Christmas related books, crafts, childrens activity, recipes & stories


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